Walters Begins Work on £100m Cardiff Regeneration Scheme

Walters is pleased to announce the award of a £2m contract to begin work at ‘The Mill’, Cardiff, for the 1st phase of a £100 million new housing development that will eventually provide around 800 new homes.

The work, which involves the remediation of a 53 acre site, will involve the recovery and recycling of more than 85,000 tonnes of concrete, the safe treatment of contaminated waste and hazardous material and the treatment of Japanese Knotweed.

David Ward (pictured left) is chief executive of client, The Ely Bridge Development Company, and said: “The awarding of the remediation contract to Walters is a significant milestone in The Mill’s history and we are excited that work is to commence in preparing the land for the development.

“In addition to providing much needed affordable housing in the centre of Cardiff, The Mill aims to deliver a much needed stimulus for the local construction industry and we have demonstrated this by appointing a well established local contractor to undertake the remediation work.”

Tim Whinney, Technical Director at Walters (pictured centre beside Colin Lewis of The Ely Bridge Development Company), added: “The Mill project is a significant development in the Cardiff housing landscape and we are delighted to be working with the developers to prepare the site for construction.”