More Charity Work From Walters…

We are pleased to announce that Walters Contracts Manager Nick Rolfe has completed the Race the Sun 2013 Challenge.

WalkNick and 3 friends have risen over £2000 for the charity Action Medical Research.

Although the charity is not instantly recognisable it has been raising money for over 60 years and changing the lives of babies and children through vital medical research.

Action Medical Research has been successful in numerous fields and the charity’s early funding helped support polio research across the UK, from monitoring, diagnosing and preventing infection to improving survivors’ lives. A large share of the funds went to Professor George Dick and his team at Queen’s University in Belfast, to test and develop two polio vaccines for use in the UK.

The challenge Nick and his friends completed took place in the Lake District on Saturday August 31st 2013.

The challenge had 5 sectors and the aim was to complete all 5 sectors, one after the other, in the fastest time – starting at sunrise and finishing before the sun sets- racing the sun!

The 5 Sectors were:-

Sector 1 — Cycle approx 22 miles to the foot of Helvellyn.

Sector 2 — Hike to the summit of Helvellyn, Englands second highest mountain and back down.(2500 ft ascent)

Sector 3 — Small 2 mile sector by bike to the lake

Sector 4 — Canoe a 3 km course on ThirlmereLake

Sector 5 — Cycle another 26 miles to complete the event!

Since returning to work Nick has commented that “he enjoyed the event!” and would recommend it for anybody thinking about doing anything similar in the future.

He would also like to say thank you for all the generous support he has received from friends, colleagues and the Walters Group.